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ATTENTION: NEW FOR NOVEMBER 2018 Going to the new split format and 3 week schedule cycles. West side one week, East side the next week, then 1 week off. There will also be holiday schedule changes so please pay close attention to the scheduling dates on the calendar. WMID is starting the new format with the November 12th cycle, this will be the west side irrigation week. The east side irrigation week will begin November 19th. This is for those who irrigate (referring to a past schedule) starting from Union Hills Dr (North side) – 35th to 37th until Yorkshire Dr (South side) -35th to 37th. The East side will be affected by this change, The East side will now irrigate Mon- Thur instead of weekends. 

WMID is currently looking for someone interested in being a backup Maintenance Foreman for Terry. If you are interested please contact the Office Manager.

Our Rotation

Irrigation is currently on a 3 week split cycle rotation.  The next irrigation cycle will begin: November 12th for the West Side  & November 19th for the East Side.

Please contact our Irrigation Maintenance Foreman Terry Sills  (602) 615-6056 for any irrigation issues or emergencies.

Irrigation is $15.00 an hour and may be purchased in 15 minute increments to be paid in advance. Sign up for irrigation on this website or at the sign up board @ 39th Ave & Topeka Dr. Please contact the Office Manager with any other questions concerning irrigation.

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